All that you should know about Pulse Oximeters. 


Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive and painless test that measures your oxygen saturation level or the oxygen levels in your blood. It can rapidly detect even small changes in how efficiently oxygen is being carried to the extremities furthest from the heart, including the legs and the arms. Read more...

Oxygen Concentrator: Guide to buy and use it at Home.
Oxygen Concentrator is an electronic device that provides Oxygen to the patients by concentrating room air (ambient air) into pure oxygen.

The air we breathe is mainly comprised of Nitrogen (78%) & Oxygen (21%). This machine takes the room air using a compressor, removes Nitrogen from Read more.....


My family will forever be indebted to the support shown by team SRO. It’s not one member but the entire family that’s breathing again. Thank you, team SRO.”

- Pneumonia patient who received an Oxygen Concentrator from SRO.


" We don't know how to thank you for the efforts your whole team has put in to arrange a Plasma donor for my ailing brother. Your selfless service has reinforced our faith in Humanity"

- A sister who had been seeking Plasma for her brother.

Thanks for helping me with one BiPAP machine for 12 days in November 2020 which was sought by doctors at SMHS Hospital as the last resort and it helped in saving a patient who docs considered impossible to save as 90% of lungs were affected but Allah is sufficient and the patient is healthy now. Thanks, SRO thanks docs At SMHS

Sheikh Arshad - Family member of a COVID patient.


This is how one of the biggest self help exercises started in Kashmir some 13 months ago. OxygenKashmir was an ambitious idea. Your generous contributions made it into a big reality. We feel extremely happy, every time we add more equipment and more ideas to OxygenKashmir project. Today we not only provide normal flow oxygen support to hundreds of patients at home but also provide high flow oxygen support to many patients in the hospital setup. Our high flow bulk oxygen tanks can deliver maximum flow of upto 25 LPM of O2 to patients. Our Non Invasive Ventilation equipment is being augmented as and when we find it necessary. Many patients are recovering well on NIV equipment support provided by your organization SRO-Kashmir. By the grace of Allah, today, we have high flow OxyCons and OxyTanks in sufficient quantity. OxygenKashmir is perhaps the biggest Oxygen Support Service in an NGO setup in the whole of J&K, all thanks to you all.

We are working on procuring ICU equipment which can help us in creating ICU type of facilities in the home setup under proper 24x7 professional and medical supervision and recommendation. It will have every backup including power backup. However Invasive Ventilation won't be included in this as that requires higer degree of involvement and support which can't be provided in the home setup.

This service would primarily be rendered to patients who require ICU admission minus Invasive Ventilation but don't have resources and privilege for such entitlement in the times of present pandemic.

You can also be part of this initiative. All what you require to do is "Contribute", with your Zakaat, Sadaqaat, Donations, Duas, Encouragement, Suggestions and Support.

Your sharing of our posts do real wonders. This we believe is also a charity of sorts.

Thank you,

Team SRO-Kashmir and COVWJK

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