Corona Virus Watch - J&K (COVWJK), came into being when COVID19 threat was looming over the region. As soon as the first patient was identified, it was felt that many people in Jammu and Kashmir lack awareness about the seriousness of the situation. The creation of this group was aimed at spreading awareness and information dissemination about the disease among the citizens of the region besides keeping track of the latest developments on the virus. COVWJK founders, administrators, and moderators consist of engineers, doctors, journalists, research scholars, social-work activists, entrepreneurs, and corporate employees. We at COVWJK try our best to be the sharing platform where public opinions, SOS, and administrational guidelines take precedence over sensationalism and fake news. Sometimes due to the flood of information waiting to be approved, we may commit mistakes but there is nothing that cannot be rectified for the benefit of people. COVWJK does not take responsibility for the content shared by the people who do not form part of our admin group. We request our users to cross-check and re-verify every information shared on this platform. Please remember: - This platform is open for all. - Discrimination or attack on religious, sectarian, ethnic, political, racial, gender, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated. - Everyone is free to engage in healthy discussion and meaningful discourse. We have an immense aversion to abusive language/gestures/content, rumours, insinuations, self-promotion, political discussions, political canvassing, meaningless activity, fake news, attack on professions, and fear-mongering. No individual promotion or glorification. We are strictly against it. Please do not repeat information, check the group wall before posting. Please post information which invites sensible discussion in the group. Expert opinions and administrative guidelines are welcomed. We are directly associated with Social Reforms Organization, Batamaloo (SRO). We are purely a not for profit platform. This group belongs to all, especially to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

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