27.03.2020 to 13.08.2020


Total Donation Collected: Rs. 78 Lacs

Spent: Rs. 75 Lacs

Available Balance: Rs. 3 Lacs

Debt: Rs. 45 Lacs

(All Approximate Figures)

Help Requests / SOS Calls Received: 9000

Calls Closed: 8000

Calls Forwarded To Other NGO’s / Organizations: 400

Unclosed Calls / Not Reached: 600

(All Approximate Figures)


Dear Members,

Coronavirus Watch - J&K (COVWJK) & Social Reforms Organization (SRO) have reached to five months of bonding. By the will of the Almighty, we are only expecting this bond to get even stronger. Your group has more than 20,500 members and more than 19,000 members remain constantly active here through posting of important content and sharing of important SOS calls in the group.

After successfully reaching out to more than 1500 needy families with food and other essentials, We can with confidence state that we are presently among the leading organizations on the ground helping patients with Oxygen support through our 'OXYGEN KASHMIR' program.

Since its inception, 'OXYGEN KASHMIR' has supported more than

750 Patients at hospitals and homes with:-

5 LPM Oxygen Concentrators: 166

10 LPM Oxygen Concentrators: 4

Oxygen Cylinders: 360

High Flow Oxygen Cylinders (1500L): 30

BiPAP/CPAP Units: 10

Suction Devices : 3

Oximeters: 35

Wheel Chairs: 10

Air Matrasses: 6

Oxygen Flow Meters: 36

and other essential implements.

Under the same program, we have also reached out to many COVID positive patients with life-saving drugs and other medical equipment.

We have even given burial assistance and burial space to a few people.

We provide counselling and advice to many distressed people on the phone on a daily basis.

In procuring various life-saving equipment, we have accumulated a huge debt on us and we as always have no one to look up to except Allah and you for your generous donations to keep us running.

Meanwhile, we have also arranged more than 150 Plasma Donors for COVID patients through our 'Plasma for Kashmir' program. We may be helping through coordination, motivation, and arrangement of transport or meals for the Plasma Donors but all the credit goes only to the brave donors for saving precious lives.

Our free 24*7 Ambulances Service has been ferrying more than 800 patients every month on an average.

Additionally, we have provided Standard Food Kits in the last week of July 2020 under our 'Food for Transporters', program to:

Mini-Bus Drivers and Cleaners: 41

Others: 11

Together SRO & COVWJK have received more than 9000 SOS calls through Telephone / WhatsApp, Email, and Social Media.

We have closed more than 8000 SOS / Help calls.

Forwarded 400 Cases to other NGOs.

Open / Not Reached: 600 Calls due to various reasons.

In the month of April, we also distributed 400 PPE (including basic protective gear) & 2000 triple layered masks to the members of the health sector, in different districts.

'MASK IS MUST' program is presently active again and we have started distribution of triple-layer masks to the general public. 10,000 Masks to be distributed in the coming days and weeks.

Our areas of operations have helped patients from more than six districts of Kashmir.

Keeping our ethos of transparency and accountability at the core of our campaign, we have made it our duty to, share important data/details with you. This being our fifth such update.

If you like, our work and want us to continue further, please support our campaign by :


> Sharing Our Appeals.

> Caring With Donations.

> Praying For Us.


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